Is there an alternative way to debug plugins in MuseScore 4?

• Feb 16, 2024 - 17:55

I understand that the Plugin Creator is still in the works for MuseScore 4. I'm fine not having it, but I'm struggling with the development cycle of making a change in my file, closing MuseScore, opening it up again, hoping that it shows up in the plugins, testing it, and getting no feedback. It'd be great if we could at least see the console somewhere else.

Also, there's a really good chance that I'm just missing some really basic best practices here, so I'd be happy to hear how other people are dealing with this as well!


In Ubuntu, when starting Musescore in a terminal window with the -d option, console.log output and error messages are visible.

I’ve gotten “syntax error” messages, with the line number and location within the line. Also, { expected, when a property is not allowed, etc. Quite a variety of messages mixed in with many messsages about other plugins and system components.

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