Best Strings Playback?

• Feb 16, 2024 - 17:12


I'm working on a score in MU 4.2. In previous versions of MU the sound playback was way less realistic, but made it easier to hear mistakes.

Seems like now, strings especially, there's too much latency for notes to start and what I hear back is a big mess. The sounds are great for making mockups, but requires separating string longs, shorts, trems, pizz, arco, etc. Am working on a score and parts for orchestra, so don't need a realistic recording/mockup, just accurate sheet music.

I'm looking for the old school MU2-3 playback instruments/sound fonts, especially the strings. Yes, the 80s synth accordion-sounding stuff. Nothing broken into different techniques, short/fast, etc. Something that will play what's on the page, change b/t pizz and arco, in time, with the other instruments. Realism in sound isn't needed.

  • Where can I find the older playback sounds, or what is the best built-in library to use?




You can use Muse Basic sounds that are built in. Select them in the mixer. Although pizz won't work without an instrument change.
But there is no latency on my system.

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