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• Feb 15, 2024 - 23:10

I have typed a 4 part harmony score and would love to know in this new version how I can get 1 or more parts to play together and also how I can get 2 parts of the music to print out please.

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Hit and Miss.mscz 113.6 KB


  1. To get a separate part for each instrument, click the Parts button (top-centre of screen) and choose "Open all".

  2. To create a new part for more than one instrument (e.g. "Woodwind" for Flute and Tenor recorder):
    a) click the Parts button and choose "Create new part";
    b) from the '3 dots' menu for the new part, choose "Rename", type new name "Woodwind", press Enter;
    c) with the new part visually selected, press the button "Open selected";
    d) look across to the Instruments panel on the left (F7 to make it visible if necessary), and open the "eye" symbol to reveal the required instruments.


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Hit and Miss woth Woodwind part.mscz 109.42 KB

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