Why can't I save my Score????? It just took me 3 hours to get it on MuseScore...I'm pissed off!!

• Feb 15, 2024 - 17:22


It is ....difficult to tell from the titles of your three posts, just what problem you are having. Please give some details. How do you know the score is not saved? Which method are you using to save scores? What kind of scores? What OS?
In general I find it saver to "Save As..) rather than just Save.

Do you mean you can't save your score to your PC/Mac or that you can't access the musescore.COM website? There is no help here for the website, this is just a user-run forum that mainly helps with scoring problems and issues with using the program. Yes, it's confusing but it has been announced that a name change is on the way.

As mentioned, it's hard to say what might be going on without more information, so please answer these questions:

1) are you talking about MuseScore itself (soon to be called MuseScore Studio in part to avoid this confusion) - the notation software on your computer - or are you talking the musescore.com website or one of the a mobile apps?
2) assuming you are talking about MuseScore itself, which version (see Help / About), and what OS?
3) are you trying to save online or onto your computer?
4) you mention working for three hours, so surely you saved dozens of times during those three hours - did those work, or did you get this error each time?
5) if the score is still open, try File / Save As and tell us what folder it is trying to save to
6) try a different folder if necessary, one that you have permission to save to

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