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Is 9/8 is handled correctly in Ver.4?


Is 9/8 handled correctly in Ver.4?

The beaming in 9/8 seems correct to me. Is there something which you don't agree with?

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But I didn't put it there. Didn't WANT it there! MuseScore pilfered it from the next bar. Have you any examples of 9/8 being handled correctly? (Wait. That's no good. If the context is simple enough MuseScore CAN handle it correctly.) I'll do you more examples if you'd like them, but I'd rather hear that it's been fixed.

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" likely your fault"

Or perhaps Audiveris's fault?. Is this the result of importing a pdf? That is often the cause of incorrect bar lengths as Optical Music Recognition is a tricky task that often results in mistakes,

Another frequent cause is users inadvertently using insert mode rather than the default Step Time mode.

But for me, 9/8 works just as well (perfectly) as other time signatures.

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Sorry not to have replied before now: I got busy with something else and didn't check my email for a couple of days.

YES! It works! Thank you so much! Did you find that in the manual or did you just discover it? I'd love to know how come I didn't: I thought I had tried everything!

PB (lifelong Sibelius-user considering downsizing.)

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