musescore 4,2,1

• Feb 14, 2024 - 18:14

The program stalls and crash upon save file sometimes also on open file
it is mind bugling how do you find all this time to include so many futures for scoring a guitar
and you can fix such nerving issue ???????????
Fix it .


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Hello Daniel thanks for the response, i increasingly see posts for this issue and the response is always the same "Please attach a typical score" my score is a orchestra score and there is nothing wrong with it , except that your graphics engine bugs down with all the info , instead of looking at scores , maybe you can consider too take a look at the graphics rendering engine so we can continue to use this program .
I understand that the program is open , but what the use of it , if it can not do the job , you adding bells and whistles, can you focus on this troublesome issue???? its not my cpu not my gpu not my ram nor my 13th gen laptop nor my score writing._ Its the program , Can you please with plenty of sugar on top ,Fix it

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Graphics rendering is way to vage as a description.

And no, it doesn't crash for me everytime I save a score, actually it doesn't crash on save for the vast majority of users.

There is no pay version.

So you need to come up with a set of steps to reproduce the error, else it won't ever get fixed

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To lend some support here, as a guy that still works on systems, as software changes and becomes larger which it will always do, different patterns of stress occurs in memory which can take days of stress testing to show up with normal utilities, but occur easily with the application

Most likely you have some leaky memory that has never been in play until you started using MS4. I've seen this decades ago from folks using old Windows and installing Linux and getting kernel pukes on a regular basis. Run some memtest type software. Good luck.

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d.madag @ Been rude to some one whose first answer is all you give us is Rant, is not rude is proper answer ans so that you know , My first experience with a system was back in 1977 when we used to punch cardboard cards to program COBOL and FORTRAN, i have a lenove L14 4th gen i7-1355U @ 5ghz 64GB ram ,win 11 22H2 Bought new one month ago fully de bloated my score is a 16 minute full orchestra score Muse4 stalls when save and occasionally starers at heavy edits, i keep seen answers in this forum you all requesting scores to be sent to you and nothing is getting fixed , one search over the net will convince you
keep been rude and offensive . and ignorant, I did not ask your opinion, You jump in here like a chicken dropping .

Mtomaras, what you don't seem to get is that Daniel and Jojo are just MuseScore users like you (or me) spending time to help you on a pure voluntary basis.
They are not MuseScore employees, or MuseScore support, or whatever.

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it does not give him the right to be rude, all the more reason that Musescore should have a support team of at least one , so not to have the opinion of every dick and merry , feeling super users or i don't know what else .People look in hear for answers , MuseScore should respect that.If i use a product i demand for it to work properly and not westing my time on useless chat.

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Your expectations are just wrong, as MuseScore is free, there is no paid for suport personell.
MuseScore is provided as is, there's nothing at all you'd have the right to demand.

If you ask, you'll get answers.
If your questions aren't clear enough, these answers will ask for clarification.
If you elect to not reply to those, you won't be helped.

Already a year ago you didn't respond, didn't provide the requested infos, see ff.

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Jojo-Schmitz , I thought i told you not to bother me no more , you hard of hearing as well, as rude, you must have a lot of down time in your life . to be spending time on me. Who the hell gives you the right to judge, you keep requesting from all the users to upload their work , and you are nothing but a user , on who's authority.You arrogant pompous , a...........s....le.Go home and stay there.

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It is very difficult to wade through you playground mentality and get you to understand that people are only trying to help. Your posts are so replete with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that they can be hard to follow. You claim that there is a graphics engine problem. How could you possibly know that? How can anyone possibly find the problem without the thing that is the trigger? You demand that a program work perfectly. You demand that some people not post here. You demand that some vague problem be fixed. It must be nice to have that kind of power.
No one can help you without a score. That's the way it works. That's the only way it works.

I create orchestra scores all the time. I have never had one crash on save, or fail to open. I have had users scores crash because there is indeed something wrong with the score. Or in the setup in the users system that isn't quite right. A score from your system can help us find the problem.

I don't know the application but I have worked as a developer. In order to troubleshoot something, one has to be able to replicate it. That is why you are being asked for a sample file.
There are a lot of moving parts in a graphic engine (supposing the error is because of something in the graphic engine as you have stated)
It's ok if you don't want to share your big main file (although it might be useful for replicating the error), but if you can create another file with one or two parts and explain exactly what is going wrong, someone could provide a solution.

I'm a relatively new active user of MuseScore and trying to understand how to use it for complex and large symphonic musical scores as it's completely different from what I used before.

However, I'm positively surprised how stable MuseScore (4.1 and now 4.2) is. Since I started engraving relatively large orchestral scores the last 3-4 months (3 pieces so far, all with 30+ instruments and between 200 and 500 measures), I haven't had a single crash.

So, in summary, if I stay with MuseScore or not, it's not the stability, because it's, at least for me, really good, but if can get the output I need without to many workarounds or hacks.

Playback is a benefit but not important for me and as far as I've seen in this forum, this could, of course, add a whole bunch of new problems.

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It is interesting that a post by you, sent from this thread, showed up in my email, but not in the thread. No one is collecting scores. Your OP claimed that MuseScore has a graphics problem. That the developers need to fix. There is no way anyone would know were to start on a fix based on your assertion, They would need what the trigger was. That would be something from your system. A score is more that just notes on a page. there is information about how you set things up, that might be a problem.
You also don't know how the forum works. There is no one here that is a developer. We are all users, like you. Users post problems on the forum. Other users try to work with the poster to see if there really is a problem. Most often the user has done something that needs to be done differently or was done totally incorrectly. Sometime there really is a problem and that needs to be reported by the user on Github. And they will want a detailed description. And a score. You can't just say, as you did, "fix it".
Yes, this thread is going nowhere because you refuse to help yourself. No one is collecting scores. Even if they were, they wouldn't do it here. A solution might have been found days ago, had you helped yourself.

"wow..... who could ever do that to you". Indeed.

i will no longer post anything in here , you people think that somebody gave you the right to collect other creators scores , to your heart content .
How dare you , And everybody writes whatever comes . How ridicules this whole ting is.

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