Is there a way to control reverb through score text?

• Feb 14, 2024 - 16:29

Be it the default reverb or a VST, that is.
I'm writing something that involves a reverb pedal being turned on and off, and it would be nice to be able to reflect that in playback since Musescore has 1. reverb and 2. text that can do things in the mixer like changing the soundfont


Not currently, although there is work being done that may enable this in a future release. Meanwhile, you could use separate instruments for this, and hide empty staves.

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Hard to say. The basic mechanism that I assume might eventually support this - "sound flags" - is already in the nightly builds and will possibly make it into 4.3, expected in the next month or so. Or 4.4 at worst, which I'd expect later in the year. But I think the initial implementation will only support a limited set of options, for Muse Sounds specifically. Hard to say when it might support additional options or what they might be.

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