Adding a second (cue) clef on the first measure

• Feb 13, 2024 - 17:55

I'm writing down some music sheet for trombone.
At the beginning of the first bar of a movement, I would like to add a second clef, a treble clef for a clarinet cue. I'm trying to produce the result show in the attached image.

If I try to change the clef, MuseScore removes the bass clef, and also changes the courtesy key at the end of the previous section.

The way I have done it so far is a bit ugly : I've increased the bar's duration, adding a 1/8th note, added the treble clef after this note, and then set this additional note as invisible... It produces the correct Pdf, but there is surely a better way.

Edit: adding the .mscz file, it' on the 6/8. I tried selecting the first note instead of the bar It does not work.

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I think you may have selected the measure before adding the clef. That will indeed replace the existing clef.
Instead of selecting the measure, select only the first rest (or note) and then click on the bass clef in the pallet.

At least in MuS 3 you can do this by selecting the first note or rest and then setting the new clef.
It works except of the missing key signature which still applies to the bass notation.

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Leave the first measure empty but make the measure rest and the first barline invisible. You can add a key signature and time signature to the second measure without changing the initial key signature. You would also need to exclude the first measure from the measure count in the measure properties.

It sort of works but the spacing looks a bit wacky.

Perhaps this should be a feature request on GitHub. Something like "Allow a clef/key signature/time signature change to be shown in the first measure in addition to the existing initial clef/key signature/time signature" and describing your use case.

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Hey, Following up, the behaviour is much stranger! They clef is indeed still there, but it is not "registered" by Musescore : the bar and the following are still in bass clef. If a type a "C" it writes a C in bass clef...

Actually, I think I broke the software ^^ The clef are changing when I press "M", switching the bar rest from multibar rest to normal. it sometimes add three of four clefs that I cannot remove, it changes every time i press M, then it crashes...

Is it really necessary to repeat the key signature after the inserted treble clef? In normal notation for a single instrument, clef changes always occur on their own without a confirming key signature.

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