Shrink width of palette menu?

• Feb 10, 2024 - 16:54

This was a feature in MuseScore 3 that I loved - I could make the palette menu smaller widthwise but still access everything. I do a lot of split screen work for my engraving job, so not being able to shrink the menu in MuseScore 4 limits me because it means almost half of the split screen is just taken up by the menu, instead of maximizing the music score space. Is this a feature that actually is present and I just haven't figured out where it is, or is it something that could be put in? (for some projects I have to use MuseScore 4 because of other features that are present that aren't there in MuseScore 3, namely how repeats and voltas are handled)
Thank you!


> namely how repeats and voltas are handled
What is the difference or which function of MuS 4 does not work with voltas in MuS 3? I am not aware that there are more possibilities with repetitions and voltas than MuS 3 already offers.
( I can't use MuS 4)
If you think that working with MuS 3 is easier, why don't you do most of the work in MuS 3 and do the final optimizations in MuS 4?

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It has to do with how the labeling and repeat lists are handled when the files are exported into xml. I hadn't thought of doing most of the work in MS3 and then the finishing touches in MA4, though, so thank you for that suggestion!

Do you need the palette menu on both screens? You can close it on one if you don't need it.

I'm on a 14 inch W11 system. I can have two scores open. Let's say I have the reference score on the right, without palettes. It could be half screen or 2/3's even. On the left, I have the working score. It could be half or 2/3's also. And over lapping the score on the right. I select the right score do look at it or copy from it. Then I select the left score to uncover it and paste or what ever. For my tiny screen the best solution would be a second monitor.

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