How to stop the pages from always jumping when i make as little as one edit to a score

• Feb 9, 2024 - 23:45

Like, if I even just move something a hair, it will make one whole line of music go to the next page, and then if I do it again, it will go back to the way I want it. I wish there was a "Keep Bar on the same staff" feature, or just something that fkn doesn't go 3 pages up if I put as much as one note somewhere. Of course, this doesn't always happen though, but for me, who writes very complex music, it's annoying.


It's not an easy problem. MusieScore's layout algorithm tries hard to keep the spacing ratio consistent, so even "putting one note somewhere" can have a big impact.

On the other hand, I agree with you because I often suffer the same frustration when entering notes towards the end of a page.

I'm disappointed there are no better fixes to this problem. It drives me crazy when editing. I change one little thing then have to press "Play" to find out where the everything went hoping I left play location at where I was editing. When editing 16th notes it is just nuts.

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Simply pressing the right- or left-arrow key will move you to the next note ... and display it. That is, jump the score back to that point. No need for Play.

I never have problems editing notes, unless the edit changes the pagination. For example, changing long notes to short ones (or vice versa), or editing things that make the system taller or shorter (adding ties/slurs/dymanics). Merely editing 16ths (or any other note) doesn't make it jump for me ... I guess I should say: RARELY makes it jump for me.

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