MS4 has no option for setting the Fingering style when there's multiple fingerings selected of differing styles

• Feb 9, 2024 - 21:58

MuseScore 3 and 4 have three Fingering styles:

    • Fingering
    • LH Guitar Fingering
    • RH Guitar Fingering

Changing the Fingering Style within MuseScore

In both MS 3 and 4.21 I can select a fingering object and see one of the three styles selected in the Properties panel. And, as one would expect, in either app I can change the style to either of the alternate styles.

Selecting and changing multiple Fingering styles

In MS3 I can select multiple fingering objects with differing styles. Once I’ve done so the Inpector shows a mix of styles (oddly by highlighting the style in Blue.) Then in the Style menu I can choose/set the Fingering style for all selected Fingerings thus setting them all to one of the styles: Fingering,  LH Guitar Fingering or RH Guitar Fingering

Here's LH Guitar Fingering as shown in mscx:


In MS4, with Fingerings of differing styles selected, the Properties panel shows - - (double dashes) indicating a mix of styles. So far, so good. But when I click on the Text Style menu none of the Fingering styles are displayed. So I can’t change the style within MS4, and I'd rather not resort to editing a msxc file.

If it quacks like a regression it is a regression?



Works fine for me. Do you scroll down through the style list all the way down (it is a long one)? Attaching a score and steps to reproduce would be useful.

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Yes, exactly, but this is not the entire list. You can place the mouse over it and scroll it down with whatever way you use to scroll up and down using the mouse (the middle button or sliding two fingers on a touchpad for example). Pressing the Down arrow key also works.

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Thanks sooo much for your input.

There's a lot of talk here about discoverability. Often times in areas that make no sense to me.

It would be far more discoverable if MuseScore made the menu scroller visible, if only dimly, when the user is not hovering directly above it.

Also—this may be a MacOS thing—but I've not seen a menu fail to scroll when I hover the last item. Which I did. That's why I didn't see the options you kindly pointed out, which I indeed expected to see.

Thanks again!

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