Keyboard shortcut for Rewind button

• Feb 8, 2024 - 18:42

If there's a keyboard shortcut for the Rewind button in the Playback Controls toolbar, I can't find it on the "All keyboard shortcuts" page. Does anyone know if it exists? It seems like such a basic function.



While MuseScore is playing, press HOME.
Otherwise Ctrl+HOME. But you need to select a note or measure then for restart playback at the beginning. Or use the button "Rewind to start position".

HOME also works during note entry, but you must set a note there with the mouse, otherwise the entry will continue at the old position.

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> While MuseScore is playing, press HOME [to rewind to the start]

Indeed, in MuseScore 3: Home rewinds to the start of the score if pressed during playback. Though I find it odd that I get a different result after pressing Home during pause/stop. On the next Play it certainly looks like MuseScore wants to restart from the beginning—as evidenced by an interesting, momentary, automatic selection to the left of the first note. But instead playback just resumes from the pause/stop point.

In contrast Control/Command Home rewinds during pause/stop.

Additionally I see occasional irrantic behavior in MuseScore 4 with Home and Control/Command Home that's harder to characterize. Would like to hear others weigh in on this.

I think it's reason able to say, users likely want easy access to a range of transport controls:

     • recommence playback from the beginning of the score
     • recommence playback from the previous start point
     • recommence playback from the first note of the current selection
     • recommence playback from the pause point

Wonderful if these option were readily available and discoverable in the Playback Toolbar, and each could have it's own logical default keystroke shortcut that the user can override.

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MU4, Home on my W11.
Consider that HOME returns the focus back to the beginning of the score. Just like any other use of Home. The difference is in the way MU4 reacts to Home. If you are a bit into a score and hit Home while the score is playing, the focus returns to the beginning of the score. But playback continues uninterrupted, wherever it was at. And after a few seconds, focus returns to the cursor. CTRL + Home during playback starts playback at the beginning. If you stop playback mid score and hit Home, focus returns to the beginning. But you need to select a note at the beginning to start playback there. If you stop playback mid score and hit CTRL + Home, focus returns to the beginning. Hit play and playback starts at the beginning.
Seems consistent to me. But you do need to know what you want. What if you don't want playback all the way to the beginning? But rather later on the first page.
So, Home always returns focus to the beginning. CTRL + Home sets up playback at the beginning.

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Here's my experience:
Pressing the Home key does nothing, whether the score is playing or an element is selected. If it's playing, it just keeps on playing. If it's not playing and an element is selected, nothing happens.

The CTRL+Home combination does what I would like. I think my confusion (lack of comprehension?) stems from the fact that the definition for CTL+Home doesn't say "Return to the beginning" but says "Go to first element in score".

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Using MS 4
OS: Windows 10 Version 2009 or later, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937, revision: d757433

click on first note, press space to start playback. Then space to stop.
Now: Home , space just continues from where it was.
Ctrl+Home, , space just continues from where it was also.

When I've paused, is there a shortcut to start playback again from the top?

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But let's think about CTRL+Home. It always returns playback to the first note. If used from a stop, you need to hit play to get going. If used during playback, it starts right away.
Home just returns to the first page, not the first note. If stopped, you have to select a note to start playback.

Playback from a previously selected note would be nice. But not I'm used to not having it.

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