Adding 2 chord above a whole note or half note or tied notes.

• Feb 7, 2024 - 19:47

How do I add 2 chords above one whole, half, or tied notes in Musescore. If I do not have a note below it, I cannot add a chord notation, thus . . .
Right now the only way I can do it is to open the chord notation - command K - over one note and then write out the 2 notes in that one location. Example: G7susG7 all smushed together like a slash chord.
That is not what I want and it makes quick reading really tricky because it is not slash chord but 2 individual chords.

What works and please make it simple rather than so technical and time consuming that most people give up.
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Temporarily place 2 notes of 1/2 duration and place the chords above them. Then change the first note to full duration so removing the second. The chords will remain and play correctly. At least they do in Musescore 3.

See the section headed "Navigation commands" near the top of
; (semi-colon) moves forward one beat
(colon) moves backward one beat
Ctrl (or Cmd, on Mac) + 1-9 moves forward by that note duration.

So, let's say you wanted chords on the first and fourth beats of a whole note: Ctrl+K to enter chord mode at beat 1. Enter the chord for beat one. Then type ; ; ; (three semi-colons) to move to the fourth beat and enter the chord you want there.

Alternatively, you might want chords on the second beat and the & of 4 over a whole note: Ctrl+K to enter chord mode at beat 1. Type ; (single semi-colon) to move to beat two and enter the chord there. Then type ; ; (two semi-colons) to move to beat 4. Then type Ctrl (or Cmd)+4 to move one eighth note. Type the chord symbol.

You can verify that these are in the right place by typing straight eighth-notes into the staff. (They are :-)

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