Pages of composition don't change after the update

• Feb 7, 2024 - 19:36

I changed the title page of my compostion. After the update when I open it on the website, it still looks as it looked before the update. However, when I download the file from the site, everything looks as it should. Could anyone please help me fix this issue?

I tried updating it on the website so as directely from the program.

I experienced this problem many times before and it still lasts. There is the compostion I am talking about below. If you download it, you'll see the difference of the title page between the web score and musescore program score.

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I've been experiencing the same issue with one of my scores on several occasions this week. Twice it fixed itself without another upload but the third time it didn't, (or maybe I got impatient), so I deleted the score from .com and re-uploaded as a new score. It was still a private score so I didn't lose any stats and it has been OK since.

So, I think it is most likely a glitch with the .com processing and therefore something we don't have control over. Hopefully it will get fixed quickly.

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