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• Jan 31, 2024 - 13:56

My score is 4 pages in length, but I want to create an Mp3 file with only pages 3 and 4. How might I do that?


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I just added to the new first measure a tempo marking of 70 BPM, but it plays much slower than 70 BPM!!!
If I change the tempo marker on the new first measure to 90 BPM, it then plays at the 70 BPM speed. Any ideas as to what is going on?

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I now have to set the tempo marker at 90 BPM in order for it to play at the desired 70 BPM. This happened after I deleted the measures of the first 2 pages. In addition to the tempo marker disappearing after deleting the measures, the key signature also disappeared. I had to add it once again to the new first measure, as I did with the tempo marker.

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Your file runs at 90 bpm, exactly as indicated in the first measure. In both, in MuS 3.6.2 and in MuS 3.7.
If I modify the tempo marking to 70bpm, it runs at 70, of course.
I've checked it with an external device (Harley Benton MT100 Clip Metro-Tuner). I work with Windows.

Press F11 and see if there is a modification of the temporary tempo setting. It should be at 100%.
There is also shown with which tempo MuseScore currently runs the score.

Check your Audio settings of your computer, they should be at 44.1kHz sample rate. In my computer it does not have any influence (MuS 3). May be it is depending on the audio hardware.
If all these things are correct use Help -> Revert to Factory Settings.

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This is weird HildeK.
For several months now, my original score had the tempo marker on the score reading 70 BPM, so I naturally thought that it was playing at 70 BPM. Now, when I change the tempo marker on my original score to 90 BPM, it plays at the same speed as it did before with the 70 BPM marker! So, apparently it was playing at 90 BPM with the tempo marker at 70 PBM!
Now, I just tried going back and forth between 70 and 90 on the tempo marker, and it plays at the 90 speed when set at 70 or 90. Any ideas as to how that might have been possible?
Perhaps it was not saved when I originally changed to 70 BPM many months ago?

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> One must change the tempo in the inspector.
No. There are two options depending on the settings in that little box my cursor is pointing at. You will see it in the inspector if you select the tempo indication in the score.


If you have selected "Follow text", the tempo from the score will be used. The value of "Tempo:" in the inspector is then irrelevant, grayed out and cannot be changed. This is the default setting.

If you deactivate this field, you can enter 90 bpm, for example. The score then runs at 90 bpm, completely independent of the text in the score, which then has no effect. This setting is also saved in the score file.

However, I am surprised, because in your attached score the "Follow text" is active, which means that what is written in the score is also effective.

I recommend always having 'Follow text' switched on.

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