MU 4.2.1. Mordant & Trillo

• Jan 30, 2024 - 23:18

Chromebook/linux i5 8 gig mouse imput

Anyone else having problems with mordant and trillo(short trill) not sounding correctly when tied to a following note. The following note is not playing. Getting a rest instead. For me, it does not seem to matter what duration either notes are. If tied the second is not sounding. The program is doing other strange things at various times, so am just wondering if this is another. Or a true problem.


Besides mordant and trillo, the trill also does not sound the tied note. And I was wrong, I had not updated to 4.2.1., just 4.2. But, it does not seem to be important, as noone has responded.
Just thought I would mention a possible playback problem.

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Unfortunately, I am using both trill forms as well as the mordant. As my follow-up post mentions, the occurrence happens with all three. Guess I will play around with the tie to see what that does. Not the best solution, though.

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Now I understand better what bobjp was saying. But since I was not using that form of the trill, it does not really help. And neither of the other two have the wiggle line, it is still not a great solution.
Glad to have the issue confirmed by someone else. Was sure it would be, but with the other issues I have continuing to pop-up and then vanish I never know for sure! (do have to say that makes things look odd, and if you have other notes following it would be very confusing for all involved)

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