Piano Roll Editor — Now updated! —

• Jan 28, 2024 - 22:45

An improved, updated Piano Roll Editor is now fully integrated into the latest version of MuseScore Evolution (aka MuseScore 3.7).

The changes are chronicled in this youTube video by Mark McKay.

Hopefully we'll see these improvements and more someday in MuseScore 4 ... which currently has no Piano Roll Editor.

Github discussion here.



In reply to by scorster

Im trying it out. Its still clunky, but a little better than the 3.6.2. Its just not intuitive, still buggy, and obviously a WIP. But to be honest, i havent looked for a manual on it.
Dont use it on anything unsaved - it still likes crashing. (Like just now.)
I do know how to at least set velocities and durations so its not useless.

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