(08:51) V. Metroid Suite — VGM Classics for Symphony 🎧 *Headphones or Home Theater Strongly Recommended*

• Jan 28, 2024 - 02:19


This is the latest entry into my VGM Classics for Symphony series. Based on the Metroid series, I wanted tocompose a suite that captured Metroid's more serious and horror side of the atmosphere. I had a lot of funscoring this project, and hope you enjoy it! (Timestamps included in the description of the score to know whereeach reference comes up.)

This score definitely stress tested Muse Sounds, but it help up very well. Hope you enjoy!


⚠️ (Headphones or Stereo/Home Theater Strongly Recommended) ⚠️

This is the fifth entry in the VGM Classics for Symphony series, this time a suite based on the Metroid series on themes by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano.

This score seriously stress-tested Muse Sounds' boundaries (every instrument heard in here is from Muse Sounds), and they held up pretty well. Definitely the most flexible and easiest library to work with.

Special YouTube Upload of this Score Coming Soon

Suite Timestamps:

00:00 - 01:47 METROID (TITLES) — NES 1987
01:48 - 02:36 SUPER METROID (PROLOGUE) — SNES 1994
02:37 - 02:45 METROID (Vs. RIDLEY) — NES 1987
02:45 - 03:26 SUPER METROID (Crateria — Zebes) — SNES 1994
03:27 - 04:24 METROID PRIME (Opening Cutscene) — GCN 2002
04:25 - 05:31 SUPER METROID (Vs. Ridley) — SNES 1994
05:32 - 07:38 METROID (Kraid's Lair) — NES 1987
07:39 - 08:25 METROID (Opening Titles Recap) — NES 1987
08:26 - 08:53 METROID PRIME (Fanfare) — GCN 2002


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Thanks so much @peastman! I made use of the Muse Sounds effects (but I did use a separate plugin for Reverb). Compression, EQ, and appropriate panning let you create the right balance of sound. As for the expression of the instruments themselves, writing balanced and interweaving dynamics from different instruments and playing by the strengths (and sometimes shining a light on the softer sounds) lets you have a creative palette of sounds and sonic profile to work with.

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