Print out a score where repeats, segno's, coda's are removed by the actual measures to play

• Jan 27, 2024 - 14:25


Is there a possibility to export a score so that repeats, dal segno's... are replaced with the measures to play. The attached example will give you a better understanding.

The measures 1 to 7 is the original score.
The measures 8 until the end is how I want to export it.

The reason: I use a tablet and PageFlip. The tablet only shows the current page. I must press the "forward" are "backward" button on my PageFlip to go the next/previous page. If a repeat, "dal segno", "to coda"... turns up, I must press my PageFlip multiple times to go to the correct page. If I can print the score as explained, I must only use the "forward"-button on my PageFlip.

Does MuseScore support such export?

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I'm also interested in this. I use a program Piano Marvel that does no support repeats. I've taken a look at the unrollrepeats.cpp in 3.6.2 and master. It looks like much of the code is there. I'm a c++ developer. I haven't done anything with MuseScore however. I'd be willing work on it if that would be helpful. I'd need a some guidance.

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