Saving Changes to a Piece as a Seperate Version

• Jan 26, 2024 - 17:20

I would like to keep a copy of my original version. If I choose to edit anything in the original version should I create a copy of my peas and make changes to the copy or if like at this moment I have made changes to my only copy, can I save this as a different version and still have the old version? I'm guessing that I should have made a copy and if that's the case then I would simply control Z all my edits and make a copy then control tab Z back my changes and save the new version under an altered name.

Guess I got the cart before the horse here and wouldn't mind a suggestion from someone.

Thank you for your effort,


Use File>Save as, and give it a new name.

I retain copies of work in progress as Title 01, Title 02, Title 03 etc. Then if it all goes wrong I can backtrack. Sometimes I even remember to tidy up and delete all the superceded versions.

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