Get rid of TAB sign in score (MS3)

• Jan 26, 2024 - 16:31

There are 2 TAB signs in the first measure of this score which I can't get rid of. I've tried hiding them and setting them to white but they keep on showing when I upload. Any ideas?


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Thanks, that fixed it. 😀

I've used a template for so long that I had forgotten all about that setting. The audio is the simple TAB notes for each chord played as an arpeggio. The tempo is 30 bpm to have some spacing between chords - unless you press on another chord.

I clicked on the TAB overlying the fretboard diagram and pressed [Del], clicked on the other and pressed V. Am I missing something fundamental, here?. Is it something wrong with the upload process, in which case a musescore.COM problem?

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Guitar_Chords_tabless.mscz 43.86 KB

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Thanks for the feedback. I did that too and it looks right in MuseScore Desktop but not in the uploaded score. msfp spotted the issue for me so now my original post is misleading because it's fixed. However, there must be a bug in .com since it did not respect me hiding these TAB texts or making them white.

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