How to create Kodály 3-line staff with "do clef"

• Jan 26, 2024 - 12:55

This is a question about how to create an adapted version of a pitch notation staff for use in a music classroom.

I am an elementary school general music teacher in America. One of the devices we use to teach pitch notation is a three line staff with a special clef showing where "Do" is (in this system, do is moveable). For simplification while learning, we use stemless note heads and omit bar lines. Gradually, each of these elements are added in as students become more comfortable reading notation. I've attached a picture of what the initial stage of this process looks like. You could call this a "Kodály staff," since the technique originates in Kodály's music education technique.

What I'd love to be able to do is create a staff like this in Musescore so that I can edit it live in class and have it play back for students. Does the functionality already exist to do this, or would it have to be specially created?

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Select in Palettes > Clefs > More > C Clef
Then right-click a music measure.
Set the number of lines to 3 in "Staff/Part properties".
The C or Do Clef has a somewhat different appearance than in your example.

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