Choosing instruments: Mixer vs. Instruments > Add

• Jan 25, 2024 - 07:21

I am a little bit confused here. It looks like we have two different ways of adding instruments to the score. One is the old way - just like it was in MS3 - via the Mixer. There you can click on the name of any sound and change the instrument from a line of drop-down menus. And in MS4 we have another additional way: Instruments > Add.

What's the essential difference between these two ways? It look like the old way has a bigger variety of instruments.


In the Mixer you can change exististing instruments' sounds, same as in Mu3, at least similar, yopu cannot add instruments there.
In Instruments > Add you can add (or remove) instruments. Same dialog existed in Mu3 (just the way there was a bit different), you cannot change sounds there.

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