possible bug - unselectable notehead

• Jan 23, 2024 - 12:57

I am using the latest MuseScore 4.2 with Guitars Vol. 1. I applied a harmonic to a high E note, then a staff text and then a fingering notation (indicating which string to do the harmonic on). At some point, with the combination of all the notation and the very high note, the notehead became unselectable. I did manage to apply the notation in the way I wanted it but it took a lot of tinkering and experimentation.

I've attached the score with this problem. The offending note is the last one on the 28th measure. I am transcribing this piece for my friend who wrote it and I assume it will not be made publicly available and privacy will be protected.

I just wanted to bring this possible bug to your attention as I'm sure you'd want to know about it.

I really LOVE the new Muse Sounds Guitar Vol. 1 and the enhancements to MuseScore.



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There is layout break sign on the top of notehead. It's invisible because formatting is set to "hide".
Not sure if this is a bug. Maybe it would better to reduce some kind of "z-index" for such layout elements.

Selecting seems to be a problem in MuS 4 (second post these days). In MuS 3.7, I have no problem selecting this note, regardless of whether hidden or non-printable characters are displayed or not.

But in general: there is also the option to select another note or element next to it by using the Alt+ right or left arrow key. This selects the next element, including bar lines, accidentals, fingering or text. However, the selection may then not be in strict order - simply continue with Alt + arrow key until the correct element is selected.
(At least in MuS 3)

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