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• Jan 23, 2024 - 03:08

Hi, first props, this is really good software, I'm sure I have to get used to it and the issues are with me.
That being said, I used this to write down a score from paper to this (drums).
I have a few questions, but first the result: https://musescore.com/user/77186107/scores/14060947/s/cgw1O6

1)what is that marking on top of the 46th bar? Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 8.56.06 PM.png
Can seem to delete it...
2)I had to extend more bars, When I did it, it would seem the new bars were not "in signature", so I had to reinsert the signature annotation (4/4) , but this does not seem to be logical as it has not changed. To make matters worse I seem to have inserted it twice ... and if I delete it, I always loose a bunch of info (video of this here: https://youtu.be/1ZkQTA-SKqA as I cannot upload that file here and don't have
3) lastly how do I get consistent bar length? ( why is bar 58 and 59 so large?

thanks in advance!


That is a whole measure voice 1 rest. You can't delete it. We need the score to find out why it is there.

How did you add bars? Did you follow the Manual?

You didn't add the meter twice. the one at the end of the line is a courtesy meter to let players know the meter is changing. And no, you can't delete it. I think there may be a setting to stop it from showing.

You cand adjust bar length by several means. But you have other things to work out first. We need the score to be able to help.

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The rest in Measure 46 is in voice 1 ...and unexplainably MuseScore disallows an empty voice 1. If you delete all notes in voice 1 MuseScore always adds a non deletable whole measure rest.

How did this occur? Somehow the cymbals (the notes with x heads) were assigned to voice 3. In all other measures the "x notes" are in voice 1

As a workaround, select all the x noteheads in Measure 46 and assign them to voice 1. Then delete the deletable rests in voice 3, the orange ones. You can also assign the two stray snare notes to voice 1, same as in other measures.


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I don't call it a workaround because you don't achieve anything by putting your notes in voice 3 instead of 1.
A workaround is supposed to let you "get" something that you can't get by a normal procedure.
Here you don't "get" anything by putting your notes in voice 3.

And independantly of that, starting by voice 1 is just the normal way to proceed.
It is a bit like saying :
"I lose my score when I restart my PC without saving"
And the answer would be :
"Workaround, save your score before restart"
No that is not a workaround, just the normal procedure.

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I think getting nitpicky about the term workaround is not really helpful.
rather, I'd love to understand why sometimes when trying to add unison notes (like for instance snare + hihat) I get them offset, why sometimes it works on the same voice, and why using the same workflow, if I try to do:
* enter notation mode (N)
* select 1/8th note
* type C ( for crash in the default kit config)
* type G 7 times to set the rest of the bar in hihats
--> works, now do the same thing but replace "G" with "D" for ride and get this overlapping "crash+ride".

I think it has to do with voices, and eventually by playing around with that I get a score that plays back and represents what I want, but I had that odd voice 1 full bar silence.

thanks for all the help btw.

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Unless you are doing something very different form the documented procedure for entering drum notes, you'd never have anything in voice 3. All notes go into voices 1 or default unless you go out of your way to change that. And voice 1 & 2 get selected automatically according to the standard conventions - sounds made with the hands are in voice 1 (stem up), feet are voice 2 (stem down). You can override this if you chose, but normal entry does this automatically.

"C", "G" and "D" all enter notes into voice 1 by default, since they all represent sounds made with the hands.

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You can have voice 1 empty - devoid of sound - and if you do that. a rest show that it is indeed devoid of sound. If for some inexplicable reason you want it devoid of sound and then also not show the rest that the rules of music notation normally call for, then make it invisible. But normally there would be no reason to do that.

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I opened your score and copied all the measures after the meter you added, to a new score. Then I deleted them from your score. Hopefully, I was then in the stage you were in when you needed to add measures. The measures I then added were in 4/4. What meter were the measures you added in?
Interestingly enough, when I copied the deleted measures back into the score, The result was exactly the same as deleting the 4/4 meter. Sorry, to not be able to be of much help.

So, yes, mark that rest invisible.

Ah, the drum palette. for me that is a magical, mystical, place of make-believe. For a mouser like me it is so complicated to use. I have to use shortcuts to enter most anything. I also have Sibelius. Entering drum notes is almost like entering any other instrument. All notes for drums can be entered in voice 1. point and click. Or with keyboard shortcuts if you prefer. Cymbals are in a different voice.
But MuseScore.....? Because of the "Hands and Feet" protocol, just entering kick, snare, kick, snare is not easy. You must select the shortcut for each drum and enter notes and rests.
In Sibelius, enter a note on the kick line. Then a note on the snare line. Repeat.
I edited the drum palette to delete all the sounds I don't need and put as many sounds as I could into voice one. It helps a little. But still....

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> What meter were the measures you added in?

I would hope that MuseScore would just add it in the right meter ( the current one)...
I did not chose any meters while adding them... I'll make a copy and try your test as well to see what I get . but still does not explain why deleting the meter deletes everything after it....

So I deleted my account thinking the .org and .com accounts were separate...
in any case, My voices question is easily fixed by just using shift + the note you want to add so that it adds the note and not overwrite the hi-hat.

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