MuseScore crashes when opening file

• Jan 22, 2024 - 20:54

Hi all,
I am writing a score for bagpipes, for which I usually align all ornaments horizontally to a defined value (-2).
Here, trying to adjust/align the ornaments of the fourth bar (taking the anacrusis into account) of the fifth line, MuseScore crashed and keeps crashing when I try to open the file again.
Would anyone be able to check what the problem is?

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Super weird. I am able to reproduce the crash many times but not always. Try starting MuseScore without a document and then loading your score. If it crashes still, try opening MuseScore without a document and then opening your score from the list. Or the most reliable way (fewer crashes) - at least for me - seems to be to open another score and then try to open your score in a separate window.
The crash does not happen in the latest build so the issue should be resolved in 4.2.1.

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There were rumors 4.2.1 was due on Monday (yesterday)... so maybe another Monday :)
I played a bit with your score and the problem seems to be in m.22 that is in 3/4 instead of 2/4. I reset all elements' manual adjustments in it (selected it and hit CTRL+R) and flipped the notes as you had done. The score now opens for me every time - give it a try. At least you will be able to continue working until 4.2.1 is out at the cost of losing some beam adjustments in this measure (for now). :)

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