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• Jan 22, 2024 - 16:02

All my MuseScore Files are now converted to MuseScore 4. I would like to return to work in my former version MuseScore
Is that possible?


Yes. You can either export from MU4 as mxl, or unzip a mscz with 7-zip. Inside will be an mscx file that will open in MU3.

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Hello Jojo. It's nice to see that you made a site about MU3.7 Evolution.
If the host gives you some space it would be nice to put direct download links to the most update build for Linux, Windows and Mac. I say so because when I'm not in my PC it's a pain to find your github page, the actions edge and then login to download.

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It's not practical to put in direct download links since they change so frequently, (even daily.) I guess that I could update the site once a month but I don't know if it's worth the effort. You can at least use the site to find Jojo's MS3.7 repository and its artifacts on GtiHub easily. The whole install only takes a couple of minutes.

I have enough space to keep the artifacts on the site but maintaining them would be the same issue as above. If the process could be automated then it could become practical.

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MU Evolution is the most stable version ever. But there are two things from MU4 that I would like to make a request to implement in 3.7 if you can:
1 - Double click among empty lines of the staff enter edit mode. It's easier and faster than pressing N.
2 - The status bar at the bottom displays the playing time in minutes and seconds. In 3.x we have to press F11 to open a large play panel.
Do you think you can backport those two features?

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1 - Double click in empty staff lines to enter edit mode is something you can try on MU4 and you'll see how it works and probably how to backport it.
2 - Comparing the 3 and 4 side by side now I understood what you said.. In MU4 the play panel is integrated with the buttons above. So what I imagined would be beside measures, beats and ticks have also h:mm:ss:x. But now I saw it's a different place from MU3 to MU4, then I don't know if it's straightforward to implement.

I'm finding this a fascinating thread.
I haven't dabbled with MuseScore 4 much yet: I pretty much had typeset all my back catalogue in 3. I've been considering creating copies of all those files, opening them in 4, letting its "vastly improved spacing and layout algorithms" do their magic, then saving those copies in a separate folder.
Although I appreciate some of the improvements in 4, I had gotten pretty comfortable with 3, and figure for new scores, I might still do the note-entry in 3, save a copy, then do the layout clean-up in 4.
I have to check out Jo-jo's 3.7, tho.

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