Hairpins won't sync to Part

• Jan 19, 2024 - 01:45

I am having an issue with hairpins added to the score not syncing to a part. The strange thing is that this is only affecting hairpins (dynamics and tempo markings are fine) and only the part for the "top" stave of the score is affected, in my case Trumpet 1. I thought it was an isolated issue but I am working on a second score now and the same issue is happening in that score as well. Thanks in advance for any insight!
Matt V

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Never mind, y'all, I found it. Didn't work. Guess I'll take the next week and reset everything while hoping it doesn't happen again.

From the message traffic on github, I realize that this is a difficult problem to reproduce. Nevertheless, can I request a "reset all dynamics to score" button in v4.3 which would strictly reset the dynamics, rather than everything?


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