Parts Problem

• Jan 18, 2024 - 16:24

I have a piano part in my concert band score, but it doesn't appear as a piano part when opening the actual piano part; a baritone TC part comes up with piano written as the the part name. I can't add a new piano part to the score, or create a new piano part.


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Thanks! I guess I didn’t couch the problem well. The piano part, although it’s in the score (complete), doesn’t appear as a part at all. A part comes up with the name ‘piano’ on it, but it is actually a baritone treble clef single line of music. Now, even if I accidentally replaced the music on the part marked piano with the baritone part, it doesn’t make sense to me why I can’t create a new part from the piano line in the score. Arrrrggghhh!
Can you help? Thanks! John.

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Copy the notes in the piano part from the score (I recommend using continuous view for this), then go to instruments (press the i key) and delete the piano. Add a new piano and paste. Open the new part. You also might consider saving a backup to your computer first just in case you copy something to the clipboard, overwriting it.

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