Flute fingerings

• Jan 15, 2024 - 07:42

Hi! I am a flute teacher and would very much draw the flute fingerings to my elementary students. Does Musescore have that kind of plugins?


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I just tested that plugin by commenting the Qt.quit() and it behaves strangely on MU4.2.1 and MU3.7 (but is running fine on MU3.6.2).

I've got the same strange behaviour with my own Flute fingering plugin (Alternate Flute Fingering). For the record, both are using the same Font "Fiati"

The fingering seems to be correctly added but do not show up on those 2 versions.

Step for reproducing:
0. Open MU3.7
1. Create a part for a flute
2. add a few notes
3. Run the FingeringDiagram plugin.
4. -> no diagrams are visible
5. Save
6. Reopen with MU3.6.2
7. -> the diagrams are visible.

Alternate test:
1. Comment the line setting the font to "Fiati" and run the plugin.
2. In MU3.7, the diagram is displayed in Edwin, in MU4.2.1 the diagram is still not visible.

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