Publishing failing

• Jan 13, 2024 - 08:25

It it not possible for me to publish my music on from within Musescore 4.2.0. This is not a huge problem since I can log in to the website and publish it there. But musescore 4 knows that there is a file and it asks me, if I want to replace it. This is perfectly okay but I am greeted with an error: This score could not be published. Maybe Musescore 4 is new for the backend of
Would it be possible to have musescore understand that a copy online and a local copy could co-exist? I don't want me changes only reflected either locally or online.
Thanks a lot for this fantastic application. I have not enough words to describe my gratitude!


Not sure if there's an issue with publishing from an older version, but upgrading to 4.1.1 might help. If you mean 4.2.0 not 4.0.2, there are a few bugs with it, so I'm not sure if something in that version might be causing issues.

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