How to make a grace note arpeggio that is tied to a regular chord and spans across two staves?

• Jan 13, 2024 - 04:56

As shown in the image of the last bar of Debussy's Jardins sous la Pluie. AFAIK you can only split the arpeggio across two staves if they are in the same voice in the same staff, but you cannot split a chord in one voice across two staves. This coupled with the fact that you can only tie notes in the same voice means that I don't know how to achieve the same engraving! Does anyone know a workaround? Thanks!

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Sure, you can make it look like your image but I really don't know how to play it. Should the first three grace notes be up an octave, are we missing a treble clef from the bottom stave, etc.?

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