Can't use the number keys to change the duration of notes

• Jan 13, 2024 - 04:35

Can't use the number keys to change the duration of notes....


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Really‽ I was pretty sure I'd seen something in the handbook saying that it doesn't, and it's never worked for me, since version 3.6, with two different computers and three different keyboards. I just edited the shortcut for 64th note to try it, and typed a 1 with the numpad instead the top row 1, saved the shortcut, went back to the score, and it still only worked with the top row 1 key.

Looking through the other shortcuts, the ones for TAB actually have two separate shortcuts set, one for Shift + a top row number key, and one for a numpad key, while the shortcuts for staff notation just have the top row number key.
Just tried it on a guitar score with linked tab staff, and indeed it only works on the tab staff. Shift + top row number also only work on the TAB staff, but a top row number alone works on both.

I can't even find a way to set a numpad key as a shortcut, pressing a numpad key just enters the digit (which specifies the top row key as the shortcut), and pressing Num Lock first, or holding Num Lock, does nothing. It must have something to do with your custom shortcuts, because manually editing that file is probably the only way to set a numpad key as a shortcut.

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