I'd like to have a toggle that allows playback to start from the beginning of the selection vs. starting from the paused point

• Jan 13, 2024 - 03:59

Often after pausing playback I'd like playback to recommence at beginning of the current selection. But AFAIK, when recommencing MuseScore only plays from the pause point.

Request: I'd like to see an easily accessible toggle that offers the following playback options:

   Start playback from the:
       • Beginning of selection
       • Paused point
       • Measure x
       • Beginning of score

These options could all be nicely housed in a Play button dropdown menu.

Ultimately it would be nice to have robust locator/transport functionality so we can jump to predefined points with a keystroke, but two of the aforementioned options would suffice for my current needs:

       • Beginning of selection
       • Paused point



I know it's only a partial workaround, when I want playback to always restart from the same point I put playback in loop mode. Then playback always restarts from the first flag.

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