I have an error in a chart, and I can't get rid of it

• Jan 13, 2024 - 00:21

I have an error, and it tells me what it is, but the error isn't there the way MuseScore points me to the error. It says I have an extra beat in a measure, but there isn't. MuseScore lets me save it, print it, play back, etc, but still gives me the error. I posted the score online under my user, and it's in the public Domain, called KOKOMO, if you can figure it out. Just try to SAVE it to get the error. I do hide the first two measures from the Measure Count, if you go counting. Thanks


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Here's a start. close all the parts. Delete the notes in the alto sax part in measure 56. input 4 quarter notes in that measure. Open the alto sax part and find 5 beats in measure 56.
Or, add a measure before 56. Then open the alto sax part. ???

There is definitely an extra rest in measure 56. Since first two measures were excluded from count, this could confuse you.
But the biggest question is how this could even happen. Hard to reproduce. We will never know.
Fixed version in attachment

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Ko Ko Mo (With Solo).mscz 321.41 KB

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