I'm blocked from the GitHub repository... How to contact the owners ?

• Jan 11, 2024 - 12:08

Apparently I've been blocked from the GitHub repository(*).
Anyone knows how to contact the admin team to remediate to this ?
As a frequent contributor in the forums, the plugin, and the feature request and issues on GitHub, I feel a bit frustrated by this decision...


(*) my "fault" seems to have been too insistent to get the status of the PluginAPI in MU4.x


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This was announced on Discord by Tantacrul on December 20th:

We still get a reasonably high volume of comments on GitHub issues which are not constructive. For example "this still isn't fixed" or "I'm waiting? What's taking so long?". This is not helpful and we will take action against members who continue to post comments like this.

We may block users from commenting on issues if they persist to post these kinds of comments and we'd greatly appreciate it if other community members would assist us in this by spreading the word. If commenting on an issue, it must either advance our knowledge about the issue or offer suggestions about how to resolve it. The purpose of an issue tracking system is to enable us to manage issues in a sensible way. If issues aren't resolved, be assured, they are logged and prioritised.

It is never the case that we 'can't be bothered' (another favourite term from armchair community members) to fix an issue or implement new capability.

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Publicly announcing censorship doesn't make it any better. This is pretty far away from the spirit of Open Source.
Marking certain comments as being off-topic seems OK, even removing some might be (in some corner cases), but banning users for anything but spam and foul language is just plain bad and wrong

OTOH, Tantacrul does seem to be a "no nonsense" kind of guy. I think he has to be that way. Judging from the Forum, the list of things to be worked on has to be immense. There must have been something in the way you worded your requests that brought this on. Whether or not I agree with the block won't change anything.

Also, judging from the forum, lots of users think the developers don't know what they are doing. They released bad software too early. MU4 doesn't work the way MU3 does, so it is no good. And on and on. Certainly, in the spirit of open source, everyone is intitled to their opinion. But can you imagine having to deal with so much negativity?

I'm not sure stating ground rules is the same as censorship.

Maybe the block was an over reaction. Maybe not. Though my opinion as a mere user is just that.

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