default program to open .mscz

• Jan 11, 2024 - 01:05

Help! I can't get scores to open in Musescore 3.

I have both Musescore 4 and Musescore 3 installed on Windows 10, but I am still primarily using MS3. Recently the .mscz files got associated with MS4 and now everything opens in MS4 by default. I cannot figure out how to get it back to defaulting to MS3. If I go to "Choose default apps by file type", it shows MS3 being the default for .mscz. But it isn't. Scores are only being opened in MS4. If I right-click on a score and go to properties it says it "opens with MS4". I can click on change, MS3 is listed at the top as "keep using". If I click on MS3, nothing changes.

Anyone else encountered this? Any ideas?


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That unfortunately did not work, but I was able to fix it with regedit by deleting the MS4 entry. When updating MS4, the problem came back, but was able to be fixed the same way.

In case anyone is interested, in the file properties under "open with", I can change it to be opened with any program except MS3. If I set it to open with MS3, then it instead changes to be opened with MS4. Presumably something about how the registry is being set causing it.

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