Musescore crashes with measure copy/paste

• Oct 26, 2008 - 20:22

Running Musescore 0.9.4 build 1174:

  1. Open the attached score (Test.mscz)
  2. Select the first measure
  3. Type Ctrl-C (copy measure)
  4. Select the second measure (or any other measure)
  5. Type Ctrl-V (paste)
  6. Musescore crashes - exits with no message


Upon further investigation...

This problem seems to have something to do with the triplet in the measure.

Triplets caused my "flat accidentals in a sharp key" bug.
And a triplet in a measure is causing it to crash Musescore when I try to copy/paste the measure to another location.

So there's something strange going on in the land of triplets... (possibly other tuplets as well, but I haven't tried them)

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