Persistent crashes on closing Musescore on Mac MIni M1, "PC register does not match ..."

• Jan 10, 2024 - 15:38

When I close Musescore, it frequently (but not always) crashes. I'm using a Mac Mini M1,2020, with Sonoma 14.2.1. This started happening after I upgraded to the most recent version of Musescore 4 for Mac (see revision info attached). It is still happening as of Jan. 18, 2024.

The crash report from Apple includes:
"Notes: PC register does not match crashing frame (0x0 vs 0x139249C44)". See two crash reports attached.

Unfortunately, I can't replicate it on demand. In general, I:
1. Open Musescore
2. Open a Musescore file
3. Edit the file (editing may not be necessary)
4. Save the file (it doesn't matter what steps I take to save the file)
5. Repeat steps 2-4 if I have more songs to work on
6. Close Musescore by clicking the red dot in the upper left hand corner (typical Mac close).
7. Musescore seems to close but then it crashes.

Once it happens, it persists until I shut down my Mac, which I do nightly.

This behavior hasn't seemed to affect the scores themselves, but its a nuisance.

PS - I like the version 4 UI changes very much. There are so many more things I can do simply because of the way they're grouped under Palettes, Instruments, and Properties. Thank you!

Janet E.


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Hi, cbjeukendrup - thanks for looking at my crash logs. I looked up the github 20809, and the other one it references. I like your idea about Qt, since it is cross-platform and the note references "PC register".

However, the problem hasn't gone away. No miracles for me. It is still a frequent but intermittent problem. I ran some tests and am attaching results from today (January 19).

Basic test:
- Open Musescore.
- Select song from display.
- Action: Edit, Export or no action.
- Save song (File, Save).
- Close song (x on song tab)
- Close Musescore (red dot in upper left corner).
Result: CRASH or everything closed OK

  1. Action: edit song
    CRASHED. 2024-01-19 13:11.

  2. Shut down computer, went for a walk, restarted computer.
    Action: Edit song
    CRASHED: 2024-01-19 14:00

  3. Action: Edit song
    CRASHED: 2024-01-19 14:15

  4. Action: Edit and Export song
    CRASHED: 2024-01-19 14:20

  5. Ran 4 tests with no crashes:
    a. Action: none (no edit, no save, no export, just open and close)
    b. Action: Export to PDF
    c. Action: Edit
    d. Action: Edit

  6. Action: Export song to PDF
    CRASHED: 2024-01-19 14:52

I am running:
MacMini M1, 2020. 8 GB memory.
Sonoma 14.2.1
Musescore, rev. 3b8d33c
Qt 5.15.9

Attached please find a zip file of crash logs, numbered to match tests.

I hope this helps.

PS. While this problem is irritating, it doesn't seem to harm my files or exports.

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Thanks for letting me know you're experiencing this crash, too, same computer model, same OS. It only started happening to me when I upgraded to Musescore 4.2.

Musescore was released on December 18, 2023,
Sonoma 14.2.1 was released on December 19, 2023,

As it happens, I upgraded to each of those right away. So it looks to me as though neither Apple nor Musescore had a chance to test against each others' production product.

I'll stop reporting this problem and wait for the next set of releases.

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The text about "PC register …" is probably not relevant here. I'm don't really know what it refers to, but most likely not to "Personal Computer" nor "non-Mac computer". The most interesting part of the crash log is often what comes below that: that is where the developers can see which parts of the code were being performed at the point that the crash occurred.

It turns out to be the same crash as, which apparently also affects some Macs, and not only Linux as was thought back then.

The good news is that it has been fixed for Linux, but the bad news is that the fix for Linux introduced other problems on macOS (namely that the menu bar didn't work at all...).
Anyway, that does give us some information about in which direction to look for a solution.

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Hi, cbjeukendrup -
I upgraded to Musescore 4.2.1 today. Coincidentally, MacOS put out a Sonoma upgrade to 14.3 today, so I thought I'd collect some data for you.

  • Musescore 4.2.1 before the Sonoma upgrade: Musescore crashed on close after edit and export. I wasn't surprised, since this problem wasn't in the list of fixes. See crash report for 2024-01-25 4:05pm.

  • Musescore 4.2.1 after I upgraded to Sonoma 14.3: Musescore 4.2.1 crashed on close after edit. See crash report for 2024-01-25 6:58pm.

  • But while I was making the edit in Musescore 4.2.1 on Sonoma 14.3, Musescore crashed. I was editing a System Text, and I was surprised. When I reopened the score, there was no damage. See crash report for 2024-01-25 6:56pm.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, cbjeukendrup - I'm sorry, but this problem is not fixed in MuseScore 4.3.

I installed Musescore 4.3 this afternoon on my Mac Mini M1 Sonoma 14. I wasn't deliberately testing for this problem, but it happened once. It doesn't happen every time I close Musescore.
- Open Musescore
- Find and open file
- Edit something
- Close file by clicking X in the main score tab
- Close Musescore by clicking the red dot.

See log attached.

Thanks for working on the problem, sorry it keeps happening.

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