Different Meter Sigs. on same system

• Jan 9, 2024 - 15:40

Directions for Musescore 3 indicates "hold down cntrl and drag signature to measure"
This doesn't seem to work. (attached - see m.22 - Bass clef should be 3/4 instead of 9/8)
Thanks for any advice.

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It appears that you had a trouble adjusting the time signature in Musescore 3. While I cannot directly view the attached file, I can offer you with broad guidelines on how to modify the time signature.

Select the measure for which you wish to update the time signature.
Navigate to the "Measure" option at the top.
Select "Time Signature" from the dropdown menu.
The Time Signature window that displays allows you to choose the appropriate time signature for the selected measure.
If dragging the signature does not operate as intended, the manual procedure outlined above should help you get the appropriate time signature in the given measure.
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The problem is not establishing a time signature but in a system with different parts, there is a section where ONE part needs a DIFFERENT time signature than the other parts. The directions for a 'local' signature say to select a measure of that one part, click cntrl/shift then drag that signature but it doesn't work.

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"... click cntrl/shift then drag that signature"

There is no need to drag. Instead try this to apply a local time signature:
1. Select the measure where the local time signature should start
2. In the Time Signatures palette, hold down the Ctrl key then click the required time signature

... this works in MS3 and MS4.

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