Action-tracker-like feature for nightly troubleshooting

• Nov 28, 2009 - 20:04
S5 - Suggestion

It would be cool if the Nightly (and even prerelease and stable versions of MuseScore) would have an action-tracking (for lack of a better word) feature that would enable a log of some sort to be generated while the user triggers a bug he has discovered, wether it is related to code or UI or whatever, it would just be great if there would be some kind of action-log thing that could considerably make troubleshooting and testing easier.

For example, if a user would find a certain bug, he could just upload a .txt or whatever file that the action-tracker/logger could replicate and read into so that replicating an issue would be seamless.

just an idea, you guys will decide if it's worth developing.

(the reason for an on/off toggle would that of lessening the amount of performance eating the app would do while running and not neccesarily being in ,,testing mode,,)


I've often thought it would be useful if the File > Undo data was saved in the .mscz file. It would be useful for the user if undo persisted between sessions and it would be useful for retracing steps on non-crashing bugs.

Status (old) active fixed

please close this issue someone, it has been taken care of by the debugMode.bat feature
thanks everyone!!!

In 2 years MuseScore will be better than Sibelius at this rate of development, even earlier maybe.

Go MuseScore!!!!!

(Maybe join projects with TuxGuitar???)