Can't start MuseScore 4 on Mac

• Jan 7, 2024 - 16:34

I was using MU 4 for a long time without any problems on x86_64 mac. Last time I opened without problems is April 23, 2023. When trying to open MU 4 I only see the splash screen for a split second and MU 4 won't start.

I removed MU 4 compltely (musescore/v4.2.0/MuseScore- and re-installed -- Same problem
Removed again and tried latest nightly (musescore-nightlies/macos/4x/nightly/MuseScoreNightly-latest-master-x86_64.dmg) -- Same result

MU 3 (OS: macOS 10.16, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34) works as expected.

I don't know how to debug this, so any handle on this is appreciated.


Does the following help?
1. Open Finder
2. Press Cmd+Shift+G
3. Type /usr/local/lib and press the Return key
4. Find the file libMuseSamplerCoreLib.dylib and move it to trash (possibly you need to enter your password).

Be sure to touch only that file and nothing else :)

This file is the MuseSampler library, which is a part of Muse Sounds. It might be causing this problem, but deleting it is the only way to find that out.

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This worked for me too. But how do I get my sound libraries back? I had strings and choir - according to the MuseHUB I still got them, because I can't download them again. I also downloaded the keys-library, but I can't find that either. Please help :)
Edit: I find my libraries in Finder, but they have no location, as I obviuosly deleted the file. How do I get the sounds back into MuseScore?
Edit 2: My OS: Big Sur v. 11.7.10

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To get the sound libraries back, simply open Muse Hub > Settings > Check for updates. The Muse Sampler will be reinstalled silently in the background. Relaunch MuseScore Studio and go to Diagnostic > Muse Sampler > Check Muse Sampler to see which version is installed.

If MuseScore Studio crashes again, you'll need to delete the library again and wait for a future update to the Muse Sampler to fix the problem.

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That seems to be the fix and the problem. If I delete the Muse Sampler .dylib file (or, for safe keeping, rename it with a different extension), I can launch MuseScore, but will not have the Muse Sampler libraries ("Muse Sample library is not found" is the message I get when I check Muse Sampler). When I next open Muse Hub, a new .dylib file is created, and once again I can no longer launch MuseScore.

I restored the .dylib file from a backup, and once again I can run MuseScore with the Muse Sampler libraries (v. 0.51, according to the diagnostic). So I have to be careful to never open Muse Hub until this gets fixed.

Wait—you got muse sounds and muse hub on macOS 10.16. Catalina? Oh wait, I see. What OS version did you open it in? 11? Sorry for the necropost, I know it’s fixed, but I’m wondering if this can help someone else.

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