4.2 stave lines chromebook/linux

• Jan 6, 2024 - 14:21

Chromebook/linux i5 8 gig. mouse entry
Anyone else having middle lines of staves nearly becoming invisible. Almost as if it was chosen to be invisible. It comes and goes depending on how MU feels, seemingly. It is becoming very annoying and at times difficult to enter notes correctly. I have entered g, a, b when I really wanted b, c, d. Is there any work around? Is this a true problem?

I do not think I can send a score showing what I am saying, but simply by chance Marc had one of his videos I saw on YouTube yesterday (Jan 5). It was titled 'apply current pallette element'. If you look at the 'd' line in top part, (think it was violin) you will see what I am saying. It is much less dark than the rest of the stave lines. In my scores, I am seeing it (pun intended) much less visible(again) than this example, at times. I believe I have had it be the top or bottom stave lines also, but gets confusing which is which with one fading in/out. In a large multi-stave system, it can be in any one of the systems. Probably more than one, because I do know as I move around the page I have the same problem occur elsewhere than the stave I was just working on.

Hope this gives a reasonable explanation of my problem, with an example.


Perhaps experiment with this setting:
Format > Style ... > Score > Stave line thickness > increase very slightly

... or perhaps see whether you can increase the screen resolution of your Chromebook?

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Both good suggestions. I will ponder them and maybe try one or the other. My only problem with either is that both require something I have never needed before.
The first really does not approach the problem, in my mind. It is not line 'thickness' that is the issue, but that the line is just fading out or becoming less visible. How thick would not really help! (probably)

I guess for the second, it confuses me as to why screen resolution would effect visibility.
Thanks for the thoughts.

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Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your suggestions. Awkward time to say the least. I had a chance to finally try things yesterday. Neither worked. Changing resolution of my screen seemed to make some other things worse. Some stave lines were not straight. Seeming to try and break half-way across the page.

Stave line thickening only made some lines darker(part way across the page) and others still look like they are almost invisible. For both, these things change as I move the score. Or try to enter notes. Not the same stave lines for any stave up or down the page. Funny thing as I was changing resolution back to original, when I returned to the score everything looked fine. Then I moved the score to get to the top of the page to work and the same light and some dark lines were back. It does seem to be moving or entering notes that makes things happen.

I tried to think it was something with my screen, but nothing is consistent with where any oddity happens. As I think back I do not believe any of this was happening in MU4, I do remember problems occurring in 4.1. Just not nearly as troublesome. Thanks again for the thoughts...it was worth a try.

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