Does Musescore 4 support 3rd party VST Effects

• Jan 5, 2024 - 09:34

I thought I'd been round this loop before.

Not only that, but also in fact tested out some 3rd party VST Effects.

Now I can't find any way to do that. Did something change between MU 4.0 and the latest version?
I know that there are effects inbuilt in available via Muse Hub, but while those are OK, I really want to be able to exploit the wider range of effects possible with 3rd party VSTs.

I found limited evidence that I'd had some working before, but here is one - which simply swaps channels.
I'm sure I had that working before.…

If pushed I might be able to find other evidence of my experiences with VST effects and MU4 - such as compressors, filters and so on, but it was obviously around 10 months or more ago, and if the ability to use those has been removed or altered I didn't spot when.

So - the first question now is - "do external VST effects work in the latest version of MU4, and if so, how do I set them up?"

If they are not available the next question is - "will they come back?"

I'd really like to see this happen, but if it's never going to happen I'll look for other ways of getting things done.


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Thanks for somehow jogging my memory. I wasn't wrong.

Sorry about the link to Mastering Musescore - which clearly you weren't able to access.

This was yet another example of a feature of MU4 which I find very troublesome - and very bad design IMO.

The reason I couldn't get VST effects to work - as before - is that I had tried to optimise the space on the screen by shrinking the Mixer, so that I could see more of the score.

Adjusting the Mixer size is done by using the menu accessible to the far right of the screen at the top.

On my machine this looks like this - the three dots shown up with the red oval.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 18.13.48.png

I had previously shrunk the mixer size so that the Effects did not show up at all, and also reduced the fader sizes so that I only controlled the levels by a number in a box.

To my mind it's absolutely bonkers to have near invisible - and certainly forgettable - menu access positioned way from anywhere where one would expect to see them.

Once I realised this I was able to make the effects locations visible, and load up effects as before.
I assume that the effects I had previously installed will still work, if enabled for each mixer fader.

The other major bonkers irritation for me is the positioning of the Workspace - Concert Pitch - Continuous view etc menu access at the bottom right of the screen, though I have learned to live with it.

Doesn't mean that I think it's sensible though.

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At least the menu access is consistent. All the way to the right in any window. This is not a problem for most of my scores which have lots of instruments. You can undock the mixer and drag the right edge to the left to make it smaller if most of your score are smaller. It will open that size each time.

As for stuff in the lower right. It's hard for me to get too excited about any placement. I prefer to just get on with using the program.
Thanks for your note. I did respond.

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