"Cannot Read File" on Musescore 3" Help requested

• Jan 4, 2024 - 19:37

I shut my computer off last night but made sure to save the attached file before doing so to prevent corruption. The attached file reads an error "Cannot read file (filename)" despite showing to have data contents (not a 0 byte file). Tried looking for back up but the back-up for the save I made last night does not exist and is vastly outdated. Any help is appreciated thanks so much.

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It might not be 0 bytes in length but it does contain mostly 0's. It cannot be fixed. I don't know at what point files like these become damaged as they get compressed and saved but the best defence may be to save the file under differing names as you go.

Opening your file using Bless (a file editor in ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. - other file editors exist for other operating systems):

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