Blue Kiss From Brazil by Claude BOLLING for Big-Band

• Jan 3, 2024 - 23:32


Lovin' it!

Except for one thing. The guitar part (after the band comes in) playing straight 2&4 sounds jarring. Shouldn't that be a bossa or samba rhythm instead?

Here is the YouTube Vidéo........without vidéo !! only audio !! The title is not correct but it is BLUE KISS FROM BRAZIL .. The second part is a real swing, The guitar is no more "audible" it will be a straight rythm on the 4 beats . I use MS 3.6.2. and with the basic sound found . I have not found a "good" sound for jazz guitar . I spend much time for the piano part for the beginning cause I Had a score very simple written on 8th note. Before I was playing guitar in a big-band and I wrote arrangements for sheet music . Now I no more play, so , my pleasure is to get a good sound by my computer, so I add many "articulations" "nuances" (crescendos, Fp etc...)........I'm French, I hope my English is ..............readable !!

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