dashed-line ties

• Jan 3, 2024 - 21:42

Does the program feature dashed-line ties?


I didn't know this until now, but I tried it and it does.

To the OP - what did YOU try before asking for help? What did not work as you expected?

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I select a note, click on the 'tie' button on the toolbar above, and then the tie appears. Then I right-click on the 'tie' button and select 'inspector'. The inspector shows the categories note, element, segment, chord, and note.
I don't see anything about tie options.

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I originally had all 3 measures in one staff (in line) until I added some lyrics and then the 3rd measure jumped down to the next staff. It seems that there must be a way to get the 3rd measure to jump back up to the first staf so that all 3 measures are on one staff and in line.

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