String tuning icon shows in printout

• Jan 2, 2024 - 19:17

In the attached file, the tuning fork icon above the TAB staff shows in the printout. It seems like that should be suppressed.

A question: can the elements in the palettes menu be put in alphabetical order?

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I am sure that, if you add the tuning fork/symbol you want the score to show it as well. How else would the player be aware of the tunning?

If you don't want to have it shown in the printout, just select it and press V (shortcut for hide).

Your other question, you can re-arrange the order of the palettes manually by dragging them.

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Click on it is sufficient enough to select it. After the click, just press the V to make the symbol invisible.
It will still show in the page, but a bit grey now but will not export/show in a printout.

Also, instead of showing the fork, you can also show the string tunings by clicking the eye icon in the string tunings dialog. Just in case you do want to show the string tuning in the score. If there is no string set to be visible, it turns into the tuning fork.

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It appears that I shot too quickly. The icon is there, I only missed it because it was hidden behind the user dialog, and I chose a preset tuning. When choosing a preset tuning, the fork icon is replaced by the individual string tuning instructions unless all of them are hidden.

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