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• Dec 30, 2023 - 17:06

Help -> Online handbook: The Online Handbook still leads nowhere. What could be wrong?…


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This is so amazing?

So I live in Finland.
Program link: Help > Online Handbook - still works in version MuseScore 3.6.2, in MuseScore 4.x.x it has never worked yet.

I have tested this issue on the following systems:
- 1 pc Windows 11, default browser Chrome
- 3 Windows 10, default browser Chrome
- 1 pc Windows 10, default browser Edge
- 1 pc Linux Mint

The Online Handbook link has never worked on any of these machines!
I have also changed the internet connection through a different router - but the same result.

Ps. I corrected the part of the above link: locale=fi

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Those links you provided above lead directly to the right pages. The first in English, the second in Finnish.

But even if I change MuseScore's program language to English, Finnish, Estonian or Spanish, Help -> Online Handbook now always leads to the Finnish page.

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In my opinion, the MS 4.x.x pages haven't really been translated into Finnish yet, because the Finnish language is so rare and strange... ;)
MS 3.x.x pages and earlier have actually been translated (I've been translating them myself sometimes).

I think the end result of this session is really good now that the link works anyway and Google translator translates English pages into Finnish already quite well.

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