Problems with file uploads to MS dot com

• Dec 30, 2023 - 09:27

I have only recently discovered the feature which allows MU4 to upload files to MS dot com.

The good thing about this is that is allows the audio heard from the stored online file to sound very similar to what is heard locally, as the implementation appears to be by creating an uploadable compressed audio file, and associating that with the online score.

However there are several really quite severe issues with this - and it seems to be a very buggy process.

Some have argued that this is the preferred way to upload to MS dot com, and it should ease and simplify editing, which can [seemingly ..!!!] be done directly from the online site in the very latest version of MU4.

Problems are - keeping track of file names and variants. Often the online site tries to revert to previous file names, so if a file name is deliberately changed to show a difference from a previous version, then that change to a new name gets lost in the process. Also the system often crashes during or around the time of the upload, and then file versions get corrupted.

I was trying to test a new version to illustrate a point for others a few minutes ago, but now I'm giving up as it crashed during the process, so any comments I would make on the uploaded file will not now apply. This is a severe deterrent to using file upload and file editing using the online storage at MS dot com.

Some things work - but other aspects of this process as so buggy as to be almost unusable.

I will revert back to only uploading files via the browser, and when and if I'm happy with the sounds rendered localy - then I might do a one off upload to the online site so as to demonstrate something like the sounds I hear locally.

Uploading files via the browser is likely to give poor renditions of score files which may have been carefully adjusted and crafted locally - but at least it's fairly quick - even if it does not show scores to best advantage.

Waiting for the audio files to be created and uploaded to the online site slows things down a lot, and the file name and comments issues are a pain to be avoided. One issue with comments is that any comments which are associated with a particular uploaded file will either be lost if the file is edited and a new version uploaded, or the file names will get disassociated from the comments referring to them.

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